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Waiting for the big one

I think we are all guilty of waiting for “It.” From the movies we watch, the stories we read, the news we hear, “It” is all around us for most of our lives. It seems like (at least in my case) I have found myself falling into “Its” web despite knowing better. “It” is that breakthrough product, that new unit, that one sales strategy, that new employee, that new marketing plan that we think will reward us with the one big pay day.

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Change you can profit from

A man visits a Midwest dealership looking for a cruiser class motorcycle. The salesperson asks about his favorite local places to ride and learns he is new to the area, having moved for his new job. The man has done his research, decided on a bike, and the bike is in stock.

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Lack of floor traffic sinking your dealership?

Let’s focus on sustainable ways to drive more floor traffic. Note that I said, “sustainable,” since a one-time, budget-busting advertising blitz is probably not the long-term answer. Here are three free or inexpensive solutions that are sustainable.

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The new economy ‘win’

Recently I have found myself in more than a few discussions with friends and colleagues where I have mentioned that although I have recognized a year filled with personal and professional success, it is getting harder to recognize a win.

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Are you aligned for growth?

As the season drives forward at full speed there are signs of recovery and growth. OEMs have new financing, unit sales are up, and there seems to be a small national sigh of relief. But is your business aligned for success?

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