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Condotta’s Motorsports Central – Wenatchee, WA – Dec. 27, 2004


Wenatchee, WA

Cary and Rebecca Condotta

Opened in 1997; 18,000 sq. ft.; carries Yamaha, Polaris, KTM, Triumph, Gas-Gas and Kymco.
Therefore, we have an advantage, I think. [this time of year?] ATVs and of course the sleds. That’s what we’re into right now. We have seen snow on the mountains, and it looks like sugar frosting on the top of the hills. It’s on the passes, and as far as actually snowing in the valley, it’s not done that yet. But we are doing the dance.

I think the concern would be the available land usage. The good people who enjoy ‘feeling the freedome’ of riding the ATVs and the dirtbikes out in the areas, they’re limited to their knowledge; they don’t know where they can or cannot go, even though they say there’s green spots or what have you, that are usually and typically mapped out, but they feel like there’s going to be more of an encroachment where they won’t be able to have as many places to go. Yet the taxes, their tabs were raised through the legislative house last year, because my husband did it, to add more moneys to go to the Forest Departmetn to help defray expenses. I would think that — it would be both. [buy more trails and maintain existing ones]

We have an even spread because we are fortunate enough to live in a valley where it offers all four seasons,” Rebecca said. She said larger quads and the 900 Polaris and Yamaha Vector snowmobiles are best-sellers. “Again, because of these four seasons, there isn’t more of a slant toward anything particular. We sell just as many helmet and ATVs as we do snowmobiles and vests.”

Customers are young kids — 15, 16 years of age — clear on up to in their 60s. They come from all backgrounds.
“The motorsports industry is a family industry, “ Rebecca said, “and we are here to encourage that.”

Condotta said Lake Roosevelt, in Kettle Falls, Wash., banned personal watercraft a few years ago. However, she said community uproar and legal wrangling forced the lawmakers to lift the ban last summer.
She said other issues of great importance include land access for off-road riders, anti-powersports legislation and rider safety.

Department features three technicians, a parts manager, inventory clerk and a lot runner.
“KTM and Triumph have mandated and asked that we keep a certain amount of accessories and parts available in the store to partner with them. Of course, Yamaha and Polaris are our biggest lines, so we always carry plenty of their PG&A in stock. Plus, they’ve also made it for less challenging for dealers to not have to shelf things forever by shipping to us in only a day or two.”

“We just had an open house, more of a powersports show featuring our product, and we had 500 or 600 guests come through,” Condotta said. “We sent 5,000 invitations to our clientele, full color; we advertisied heavily on the radio; we had TV ads running; and we did a half-page ad for two days in the newspaper.”

“Everybody is a customer. Serve them as you would wish to be served. It doesn’t matter if they’re going to buy a $2 screw today, treat them right and they will remember you, and you build on that.”
“Remember, you’re a neighborhood store.”

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