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MIC employee Murphy passes away

Pat Murphy, vice president of Research & Technology Standards at the Motorcycle Industry Council, passed away in her sleep on Sunday, according to the MIC.

“Pat was truly respected and beloved by all who knew her,” a notification said. “We will be in touch again with details regarding her memorial.”



  1. A wonderful and dedicated woman... She will be missed over at the MIC.

    • First Name: Kevin
    • Last Name: Nixon
    • Email Address: kevin@nixoid.com


  2. Very sad news to hear of Pat's passing. She has been a friend of the industry for many years and her tireless efforts help keep the information and technology needed available for our industry leaders during the many ups and downs we have managed through has been greatly valued by me and many others. We will all miss Pat badly. God Speed Pat!

    • First Name: Mark
    • Last Name: Blackwell
    • Email Address: mark@markblackwell.com


  3. Pat was truly one of the "rocks" within the industry whom many of us counted on for critical information. She always maintained high standards in her work and everyone respected her for never wavering from them. She will be missed greatly.

    • First Name: Jim
    • Last Name: Williams
    • Email Address: Jwilliams@ama-cycle.org


  4. I hadn’t talk to Pat in almost 7 years but when I saw that she had passed away this morning it was truly shocking and very sad. She never had to give me the time a day but she always did and I’m grateful to her for that. I don’t know how she’ll be replaced.

    • First Name: Cheri
    • Last Name: Haganey
    • Email Address: cheri@bridgeworksinc.com


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