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Kolpin brings new High Rise Plow to market



Specifications — The Kolpin High Rise Plow is constructed from a 17-inch high steel blade, stamped and welded for structural rigidity. It is available also in 52-inch and 60-inch options.

Benefits — The plow’s design is compatible with all Cycle Country models. This, combined with the fast mount, allows dealers to assemble in 15 minutes and install in under 5 minutes. The plow is durable, with heavy-duty square tube and reinforced steel chassis.

Suggested Retail Price — Starts at $229.99; High-Rise Push Tube, $379.99*

Contact — www.kolpin.com

*In our July 13 issue, PSB provided the incorrect MSRP for the Kolpin High Rise Plow. We apologize for any inconvenience.

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