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Harley-Davidson turns to younger market

According to an article in The Wall Street Journal, Harley-Davidson is looking to gain interest in a younger market, by moving towards lower-priced motorcycles and introducing a battery-run alternative to the classic Hog.

H-D’s new chief executive officer Matt Levatich commented, “I’m in the camp of: It isn’t bad, it’s just different.” He thinks there will be “a little bit of counterculture down the road....People are going to want to actually live for real, and I think we have a product that has a great fit with that outlet.”

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  1. When I saw H-D's LiveWire at the motorcycle shows in the fall... I thought it was a definite winner. I thought it would definitely bring in customers to H-D dealers that had never considered H-D before. Here's a great Cycle World intro. Great video if you haven't seen it...



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