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Tucker Rocky picks Baldwin as QuadBoss brand manager

News release

Tucker Rocky/Biker's Choice has promoted Jason Baldwin to the role of QuadBoss Brand Manager. Baldwin will be responsible for leading all aspects of the QuadBoss brand, including marketing/advertising, new product development and brand positioning within the ATV/UTV market.

Baldwin has over 12 years of relevant industry experience in the field. Prior to taking on this new role, Baldwin was a sales consultant for Tucker Rocky/Biker's Choice. In addition, he has worked for industry leading brands such as Polaris, Cannondale, and Gas Gas.

"Tucker Rocky/Biker's Choice is committed to aggressively growing the QuadBoss brand as we seek to serve the broader ATV/UTV market with an array of relevant and profitable products,” said Hank Desjardins, VP of Marketing for Tucker Rocky/Biker's Choice. “QuadBoss has been a significant growth engine for our ATV/UTV segment, and we are confident that under Jason's leadership, QuadBoss will continue to gain valuable market share.”

QuadBoss is a premier brand of products for your ATV and UTV. QuadBoss offers accessories to make your quad, ATV or UTV do what you want it to do, as well as providing reliable repair and replacement parts to keep your quad running in top condition.


  1. Just another copycat effort from these guys to emulate the industry leading products from Moose Utility Division.


    • Great news! Congrats Jason and congrats to Quadboss and Tucker Rocky!


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