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Gibbs Quadski XL rescues swimmer during lifeguard competition

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The Gibbs Quadski, the world’s first high-speed sports amphibian, proved its worth as a rescue vehicle by recording its first “official” water rescue during the 2014 United States Lifesaving Association (USLA) Lifeguard Championships held in Virginia Beach, Va.

Richard Szvitich, a lifeguard representing the Sussex County (Delaware) USLA, rescued a young competitor who had suffered an asthma attack during a race for youngsters 9-12 years of age. Riding a Quadski XL, Szvitich was able to reach the girl, pull her onto his Quadski, bring her on shore and drive her to a nearby medical tent — all within minutes.

“The Quadski made a huge difference in this particular rescue, saving us precious time getting the victim out of the water and onto the shore without the need for the help of other lifeguards or equipment,” Szvitich said.

Tom Gill, deputy chief of the Viriginia Beach Life Saving Service, echoed Szvitich’s comments about the Quadski.

“Seeing the Quadski perform its first actual rescue mission clearly demonstrated its value as an asset for the surf and beach-front life-saving community,” Chief Gill noted. “Our first impression of the Quadski definitely has been a good one.”

Gibbs Sports Amphibians was a title sponsor for the 2014 USLA Lifeguard Championships and also provided Quadskis for competition course referees and on-duty lifeguards during the competition.

“We are extremely proud to be a title sponsor and an integral part of this year’s USLA Lifeguard Championships,” said Tom Berchulc, vice president of marketing for Gibbs Sports Amphibians. “But nothing can compare to the pride we’ve felt in having played a role in the water rescue of one of this year’s young competitors. The Quadski will revolutionize lifesaving techniques for lifeguards performing rescues thus saving even more time and more lives.”

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