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Yamaha, Toyota partner on vehicle project

Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. and Toyota Motor Corporation are working together to develop communications-linked next-generation vehicles, the companies announced.

The two companies are already planning to show a communications-linked electric commuter concept and an electrically power assisted bicycle at the 42nd Tokyo Motor Show Nov. 30-Dec. 11.

The objectives of the collaboration include building a comprehensive information infrastructure, establishing new transportation systems and reducing development costs for IT services. Both the Toyota and Yamaha vehicles will share the same charging infrastructure and integration with the Toyota Smart Center. Yamaha and Toyota will also work together to expand the charging infrastructure. Certain Yamaha-produced vehicles will feature navigation and telematics services that provide information such as charging station locations and availability and charging completion notifications. The two companies will start verification tests in the near future, they announced.

Yamaha and Toyota have been working together since the joint development of the Toyota 2000GT, which was launched in 1967. The goal of the current project is to build "a new mobility society of the future," the companies reported.

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