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Powersports Cyber Monday online sales improve

Cyber Monday is the single largest online buying frenzy of the year. The Monday after Thanksgiving saw $1.25 billion change hands between consumers and retailers online, according to a comScore study.

On Nov. 28, powersports dealers sliced off their piece of the pie, and, for 50 Below dealer websites, their portion was much larger in 2011 than 2010.

From a random sample of 50 Below E-Retailers (stand-alone internet retailers), powersports enthusiasts spent nearly twice as much (96 percent more) on dealer websites this Cyber Monday compared to 2010. In a second survey of 50 Below "Bricks and Clicks" dealerships (traditional powersports retailers), Cyber Monday sales increased by 42 percent over 2010.

"We used our website's existing promotion code feature to give a special Cyber Monday offer to our loyal customers," said Todd Shafer of Family Powersports (familypowersports.com), which has six locations in Texas. "We simply emailed the promotion code to our existing email list and posted it on Facebook." Sales at familypowersports.com were up 260 percent on Cyber Monday from 2010 to 2011.

Powersports dealers beat the overall retail trend, and for E-Retailers, they beat it big. According to internet marketing research company comScore, internet retail spending on Cyber Monday increased by 21 percent from 2010 for the average retailer.

50 Below powersports E-Retailer online sales jumped 75 percent more than online retailers in general this Cyber Monday. "Bricks and Clicks" dealer online sales climbed 21 percent over online retailers in general. "Bricks and Clicks" dealers represent the bulk of powersports dealerships, with their website being an extension of their brick-and-mortar location.

50 Below's Cyber Monday results were based on a random sampling the top 100 E-Retailers, and the top 100 "Bricks and Clicks" dealerships in the 50 Below dealer network.

"In a recovering economy, we're optimistic about the online traffic and revenue increases we've been tracking since Thanksgiving week," 50 Below product manager Doran Nurmi said. "It appears this positive trend should last through the holiday season."

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