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SpeedMob announces ‘No Drop Ship Fee’ for multiple brands

On the heels of its newly enforced Grey Market Policy, SpeedMob. Inc. is proud to offer dealers another brand value enhancer: No Drop Ship Fee (NDSF) designated brands. As of May 6, SpeedMob designated more than 30 percent of its products as NDSF brands. This is being done in an effort to better support their dealer network and also to enhance dealer profits on the NDSF designated brands.

Tim Calhoun, president of SpeedMob, states: “We have been very busy working on solutions to better support our dealer network. We have been able to negotiate some exceptional new shipping contracts, and we have also lowered MSRP dramatically on many of our brands, all while maintaining or increasing dealer margins.”

Calhoun continues, “We were able to accomplish this by putting our brands under a microscope and examining every part of the distribution process — from purchasing to resell. In doing so, we were able to create some cost savings, but we also became highly aware that while some brands may have solid margins, they are not creating significant profit for dealers due to drop ship fees and shipping costs. For example, if a product or replacement part retails for $24 and it has a $3 to $4 shipping cost and a $7.50 drop ship fee, then it simply isn’t viable for dealers to even try and sell this piece. Now, the same piece with a $2 freight cost and no drop ship fee becomes a very viable sale.”

Effective immediately, Dr. Atoms neck buffs, Nutcase helmets, Dion Device brake lever guards, LYNX Hooks interlocking tie-downs, POD battery bank jump-starters, OMNI-CRUISE mechanical cruise controls and Ariete goggles are the current NDSF designated brands from SpeedMob.

Calhoun concludes, “With the powersports market strongly reemerging from the decade-long downturn, we are doing all we can to enhance brand values and support our dealers through strong return on investment in SpeedMob distributed products. I am really excited about this NDSF program and look to expand on it as we continue to add new brands.”   

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