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One dream, One Image at Barney’s Motorcycle & Marine

By By Kate Swanson

Dealership partners with custom printing department

It’s one thing to find the perfect logo or sticker to accessorize a motorcycle; it’s a whole other to have one custom made to fit your specific needs. One Image Department, a partner of Barney’s Motorcycle & Marine based in St. Petersburg, Fla., caters to its customers’ specific printing tastes.

“We specialize in large format printing, vehicle wraps and decals,” said Richard Salpietro, one of the three employees behind the operation. One Image began just over six years ago with Richard, his brother Vincent Salpietro and Barney’s owner K.C. Wood. One Image operates as an independent company associated with Barney’s.

“It initially started basically for store purposes,” Salpietro said. “When we had to order signs for our dealership, instead of ordering them, we started making them.” What began as a simpler way to make signage for the dealership soon became public as people found out what One Image could offer them.

“We started in the back of the warehouse where nobody could see us and made signs for the shop,” he said. “As our success grew, we ended up moving up. Now we have a corner office, and we offer all of our services to the public.”

Some of the popular pieces that One Image deals with are boat wraps, PWC stickers and motorcycles stickers. “It’s a pretty convenient product for our regular customers,” Salpietro added. “It’s sad to say, but a lot of people pass in this industry, and being in this [custom printing] industry, it’s an easy and convenient memorial gesture that we can do for the community and for the riders.” In addition, the public consumer response to One Image has been an “overwhelming success.”

Besides working out of the dealership, One Image participates in several demo days and community events. “Usually when we have a community event we advertise there or through other motorcycle shows. Other than that it’s mostly word-of-mouth,” Salpietro said. “Our products speak for themselves, and it brings back a returning customer.”

Recently, Barney’s One Image department designed custom helmet stickers for a young man named Nick Wolf, who has been fighting cancer, so he could live out his dream of riding a motorcycle. Barney’s arranged for Wolf to demo a new Can-Am Spyder, and One Image gave Wolf the customized helmet to keep.

Salpietro says that One Image looks ahead to 2015 with enthusiasm: “We’re getting into the busy season. A lot of people are coming up and wanting their boats ready. With boats come new stickers, and with stickers comes drafts and new business.”

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