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Fallbrook Technologies, TEAM Industries plan LSV CVT

Cedar Park, Texas-based Fallbrook Technologies Inc., inventor of the NuVinci continuously variable planetary (CVP) transmission technology, and Bagley, Minn.-based TEAM Industries announced plans this month for the near-term commercialization of NuVinci technology in a transmission suitable for a small, low- to medium-speed vehicle. Initial production units should be available by the end of 2015 or early 2016.

Fallbrook and TEAM have been working since 2011 to validate the benefits of the NuVinci technology for TEAM’s products. In November 2012, the companies entered into an exclusive licensing agreement for the use of NuVinci CVP technology in North America and Europe for electric and gasoline light vehicle applications.

TEAM is the largest supplier of rubber belt continuously variable transmissions (CVTs) to the ATV, UTV, Low/Medium Speed Vehicle (LSV/MSV) and Neighborhood Electric Vehicle (NEV) markets, all of which are included in Fallbrook’s license to TEAM.

“A recently completed design project suggested that it was possible to have a NuVinci-equipped commercial product available in a relatively short time frame,” said Tony Passanante, senior director of strategic planning at TEAM. “We are eager to take advantage of the opportunity to have the first commercial NuVinci application available in a powered vehicle outside of eBikes.”

Fallbrook and TEAM have revised and enhanced their licensing agreement including identifying specific development and sales targets as well as providing TEAM personnel access to additional design tools from Fallbrook.

“While the details of the updated licensing agreement are confidential,” said William G. Klehm, III, Fallbrook’s chairman and CEO, “we anticipate there will be other TEAM commercial products incorporating NuVinci technology... .”


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