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American Honda announces new assignments in the Motorcycle Division

The Motorcycle Division at American Honda announced that a number of staffers at the senior manager, manager and associate levels will assume new roles and responsibilities at American Honda.

“Respect for the individual is the foundation of our Honda philosophy,” said Bob Gurga, vice president, Motorcycle Division. “These changes support the ongoing development and expansion of our associates’ skill sets, contribution to the company and knowledge transfer, and reinforce key areas of our business in anticipation of future growth in both the two-wheel and four-wheel powersport markets. Ultimately, these changes are designed to enhance the consumer experience with all Honda powersports products. These new staff assignments prepare American Honda’s Motorcycle Division to maximize our sales, service and marketing support to attract new Honda customers and retain our existing customers.”

New assignments include:

Wayne Toyota, senior manager, Dealer Network & Business Support (formerly senior manager, Motorcycle Marketing);

Mike Snyder, senior manager, Motorcycle Marketing (formerly senior manager, Auto Business Operations);

Dan Wright, senior manager, Motorcycle Service (formerly senior manager, Motorcycle Field Sales);

Gary Higgins, senior manager, Motorcycle Product Planning (formerly senior manager, Motorcycle Service);

Chuck Miller, senior manager, Motorcycle Field Sales (formerly senior manager, Motorcycle Product Planning);

Bill Savino, manager, Four-Wheel Product Planning (formerly manager, Motorcycle Press);

Susan Fairchild, manager, Motorcycle Social Media Marketing (formerly manager, Acura Service Marketing);

Lee Edmunds, manager, Motorcycle Marketing Communications, (formerly manager, Motorcycle Advertising).


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