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BRP unveils emergency response Sea-Doo

By Dave McMahon

Watercraft designed with added stability, buoyancy

BRP has added a utility vehicle to its Sea-Doo line-up with the SAR model, a Search and Rescue watercraft designed for emergency response operations. It was unveiled in April during the Fire Department Instructors Conference (FDIC) in Indianapolis.

“We are pleased to introduce a utility vehicle dedicated to professionals whose job is to save lives,” Yves Leduc, vice-president and general manager for BRP’s North America division. “Our engineers worked closely with end users to make sure the SAR watercraft answer their needs. Each and every group who tested it are eager to add it to their water rescue fleet.”

The Sea-Doo SAR watercraft combines the features rescue professionals need to respond to life-threatening situations. It is designed for everything from surf and white water to flood and other emergency situations, according to BRP. The sponsons and running boards add the stability and buoyancy needed in surf and white water; the heavy-duty front bumper and elastomer hull coating are adapted to navigation along rocky coasts; and features such as the anti-debris water intake grate, the stainless steel wear ring and the internal heat exchanger with shock-protected cooling system improve shallow-water capabilities.

“At the Chambly Fire Department [in Quebec], we wanted to minimize the risk of injury to our water rescue team while improving the performance of our watercraft. We worked with BRP engineers at developing a safe, robust yet powerful and nimble SAR watercraft, one tailored to our needs,” Nicolas Drapeau, deputy fire chief, said in a press release.

0614PWC-Seadoo SAR

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