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RideNow dealerships team up with DragonFire

RideNow dealerships are teaming up with fellow Arizona-based powersports company DragonFire for a “Store-In-Store” program that uses innovative displays to showcase a fully loaded side-by-side as a focal point for the dealerships.

“The idea behind our 'Store-In-Store' program is to build an attractive display in which products and information can be relayed to the customer with ease,” DragonFire marketing sales rep Chris Moore said. "This consists not only of a stand-alone product display, but a completely accessorized demo vehicle as well. The goal is to give the customer a firsthand experience of what the final product will look like."

RideNow Chandler and RideNow Peoria currently have these displays, with more on the way.

“RideNow loves the UTV market as much as we do, and they were excited about the idea of having a UTV aftermarket-specific product display in their stores,” Moore said.

Within days the RideNow group saw the potential of this program and opted to put two more stores on the docket to receive similar displays in the coming months.

“We have enjoyed working with DragonFire to put together a customer-friendly Store-In-Store," RideNow COO Bill Nash said. “The display not only allows the customer to visually see the DragonFire parts and accessories, but it goes further by actually having a Polaris RZR XP900 fully outfitted with the cool DragonFire components."

Could this program work for other dealers?

"This venture has helped us build on our business across the board by attracting customers to our stores," Nash said. "Based on this success, we plan on expanding the Store-In-Store concept to some of our other dealerships, in conjunction with our friends at DragonFire."

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