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Transitions Optical joins Bell Helmets in sponsoring Herrin

Transitions Optical joined Bell Helmets on Tuesday to announce joint sponsorship of AMA Pro Road Racer Josh Herrin for the 2012 racing season.

Transitions adaptive face shields, part of the Transitions line of performance sunwear products, are the company’s first foray beyond ophthalmic lenses. In 2010, Transitions Optical and Bell Helmets partnered to launch the Bell Transitions adaptive face shield, which was worn by Herrin when he won the Daytona 200 that year.

“Through our partnership with Bell Helmets, we’ve found the perfect partner in Josh Herrin,” said Grady Lenski, managing director, adjacencies, Transitions Optical. “He’s young, talented and recognized immediate value in an adaptive face shield. We’re happy to help him continue to win and have success in the AMA Pro Road Racing Championship.”

“With so much going through my mind on the racetrack, having equipment that works with me to reduce distractions to an absolute minimum is critical,” Herrin said. “My Bell Star helmet with a Transitions adaptive face shield gives me an edge over the competition.”

“By partnering with Transitions Optical, we’ve been able to offer our sponsored riders something no other helmet manufacturer can — combining the adaptive face shield with a Bell Helmet provides an unparalleled visual advantage on the track,” said Chris Sackett, business manager, Bell Powersports.

Transitions adaptive face shields automatically self-adjust from clear at night and in low light conditions to dark gray in bright sunlight. The shields eliminate the need for motorcycle riders to carry and switch out two shields.

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