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California Scooter Co. to appear on Shark Tank TV show

California Scooter Company Motorcycles announced that one of its riders, Arlene Battishill, is being featured on the popular television series "Shark Tank" Friday on ABC. Battishill is the CEO and founder of Go Go Gear, a motorcycle protective clothing designer and manufacturer.

Battishill is an accomplished motorcyclist, having ridden her CSC Classic the entire length of the Baja peninsula during one of California Scooter's engineering test runs. She also participates in numerous competitive endurance events with her 150cc CSC motorcycle.

During airing of the "Shark Tank" episode, Battishill's CSC motorcycle will appear as one of the show's props. Battishill's bike has a custom paint job featuring the distinctive Go Go Gear logo.

"I chose the CSC motorcycle as the main form of advertising for my company because the bike is so unique in appearance that it garners attention wherever I go," Battishill said. "It's the best form of mobile advertising out there ... not to mention that it's a blast to ride!"

After years of riding sport bikes and Harleys, Battishill's bike of choice is the CSC motorcycle.

"We're pleased that Arlene's company is receiving this kind of nationally televised coverage," CSC Motorcycles CEO and president Steve Seidner said. "Go Go Gear makes fine products, and we're delighted that Arlene rides a CSC motorcycle. Arlene was one of our first customers, and she's exactly the kind of rider we like to see on our bikes. Arlene puts a lot of miles on her California Scooter, and she's an outstanding motorcyclist."

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