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Ski-Doo unveils two new chassis for 2013 models

BRP introduced the 2013 Ski-Doo snowmobile lineup to its dealers from North America, Russia and Japan in February at Club Ski-Doo in Orlando. The 2013 lineup features two new chassis, rMotion rear suspension, Flex Edge tracks and more.

“BRP’s continued focus on innovating to improve our customers’ experience is what defines the 2013 Ski-Doo lineup,” said Yves Leduc, vice president and general manager for the North America division. “The new ideas and fresh thinking that we applied to both trail and mountain snowmobiles continue to separate BRP from competitors and keep our core customers engaged while attracting newcomers to the sport.”

Leading the way at the dealer meeting was the all-new REV-XM platform for the mountains and the new REV-XS body style for cross-country and crossover applications. The REV-XM platform delivers new ergonomics, function and styling to the mountain market and will establish a new benchmark in rear suspension and handling with innovative features like the tMotion rear suspension and Flex Edge track design, company officials said. The REV-XS platform for trail use features a layered floating edge design and intricate details, including a jewel-inspired headlight, side panels, a new taillight, snow flap and storage area.

“We start the second decade of the REV chassis design with the attributes of rigid pyramidal frame construction, driver- and mass-centered design, by giving it a whole new look and feel,” said Chris Dawson, vice president and general manager for the International division. “BRP is bringing specialized products to markets around the world that allow our dealers and distributors to enrich the consumer experience and keep BRP products at the forefront.”

A new design enables the rear suspension rails to twist two degrees in each direction, allowing the rider to more easily initiate mountain-type carving turns. The suspension also incorporates a rising-rate rear shock motion ratio to deliver a comfortable ride in small bumps while maintaining the capacity for larger bumps.

The 16-inch (41-cm) wide Flex Edge track features centered reinforcing rods that are 12 inches (31 cm) long rather than traditional designs running full width. This allows the outside 2 inches (5 cm) of track to actually bend and flex when a rider initiates a mountain-type carving turn, again requiring less effort.

The 2013 Ski-Doo MX Z TNT joins the rest of the new models in getting 120-inch rMotion rear suspension.

The rMotion rear suspension expands into the Renegade model as engineers reworked it to fit the 137-inch (392-cm) track length for a segment that continues to see increased consumer interest. Plus, the industry-leading suspension will be offered to more consumers as the Ski-Doo MX Z TNT models will gain its benefits of comfort, capability and adjustability.

BRP also introduced a complete line of accessories for the new REV-XM and REV-XS platforms. Auxiliary light and GPS kits integrate and are prewired for plug-and-play installation, and new 1 + 1 seats that provide flexibility to comfortably fit a passenger quickly and easily are available, the company said.

Also new is the LinQ quick-attach system that allows fast and easy installation of modular accessories like a fuel caddy and tunnel bag, according to BRP.

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