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Black Book reports rising bike prices

Demand at auctions rising with warmer weather

After last month’s big changes in pricing in the powersports market, values continue to go up again in March, but by somewhat smaller amounts. Most late model motorcycles and scooters are up by around 3 percent, according to Black Book managing editor Ricky Beggs.

ATVs and side-by-sides are basically unchanged, showing only very slight increases in pricing. Demand at the auctions has been picking up as dealers look to add inventory, anticipating the arrival of warmer weather. “Dealers who haven’t stocked up yet can expect to pay more dearly at the auctions over the next couple of months,” Beggs said.

Snowmobiles have been the biggest segment to buck the trends.  They continue to drop off in value for the time of the year, declining by about 4.5 percent. “The general lack of snow across most of the country has really put a damper on the interest in sleds this year, and their prices are a direct reflection of the winter weather, or rather lack thereof,” Beggs said.

Source: Black Book (Click image to view larger)

PWC and jet boats are up in price as spring approaches, with average increases of around 3 percent.





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