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50 Below offers special pricing at ProfitX

Company targets dealership leaders during third
sponsorship appearance

By Liz Hochstedler
Associate Editor

Website and online store provider 50 Below is offering a special discount to dealers who attend Profit Xcelerator, Powersports Business’ conference and expo, and sign up for the company’s services at the event.

“It’s an enticing enough offer to attract dealers. It will at least get their attention and get them in the door — get them to have a conversation without being something crazy that you can’t support and you feel like you’re giving everything away,” explained John Schuldt, event manager for 50 Below. He added that the price of 50 Below’s product is in line with the rest of the industry, so a discount would be a benefit for a dealer.

“Certainly a discount and a call to action is good. That’s enough to keep them attracted and keep us busy at the show,” he said.

50 Below is in its third year sponsoring ProfitX and this year is a Powered By sponsor. The company has been happy with its participation in the past and has confidence that Powersports Business will host another successful event.

“It’s just that we have a good relationship and a really good reputation with Powersports Business. We trust Powersports Business that ProfitX is going to be the event,” Schuldt said.

ProfitX, he says, not only offers a good location at the Red Rock Casino Resort and Spa in Las Vegas and an opportunity for 50 Below to meet new dealers, but it also offers dealers a broad array of information across two tracks, Sales & Marketing and Powering Profits.

“We truly believe that with the economy as it is right now, dealers have been through an awful lot. They are becoming more savvy and more creative and looking for information that will effect their bottom line,” Schuldt said. “When they go to ProfitX, they know that it’s going to be focused, and it’s going to directly relate to their business. They’re not going to sit through something or listen to something that’s not germane to what they are doing.”

50 Below’s salespeople are currently calling dealers and asking if they’re attending. The company not only wants to meet new dealers, but also wants to meet its current dealers face-to-face.

“When we go, we know that we will see dealers that are our current dealers, and when we meet with those people, we discuss current best practices — at least in our opinion what we’ve discovered are best practices,” Schuldt said.
If 50 Below’s dealers aren’t planning on attending, the company asks the dealers to consider what else they would spend the same amount of money on and consider if the education they’ll gain during ProfitX would be worth the tradeoff.

“If one of our dealers was sitting on the fence, I would just say, ‘Are you open to new ideas? What other things might you leave the dealership for, for three days?’” Schuldt said. “You have to kind of put it into context. You can either spend three days doing other things like any typical dealer might do, or you can go to Las Vegas for three days, meet other dealers, learn from other dealers, learn from experts and leave, at least business-wise, maybe smarter than you came in. There’s just some intellect growth there.”

With sessions for every dealer, Schuldt says everyone goes home with information that can benefit their business. ProfitX also offers opportunities for dealers to meet with vendors they currently work with, as well as prospective vendors.

“Profit X does allow you to get in front of decision-makers and the people who drive the businesses,” Schuldt said.
Overall, he says, the event is beneficial for any dealer who registers and attends with an open mind, ready to learn.
“I think the dealers that do go prosper in the end,” he said. “I think they leave with good, valuable information. I think that those dealers that commit to coming leave with good information. I think they really benefit from their attendance.”

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