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Dealer survey looks in-depth at Polaris sales

Polaris dealers are reporting core ATV sales down 30-35 percent and side-by-side sales down 10-15 percent over the year-ago period, according to a dealer survey.

Dealers also report Victory retail sales down in the mid-20 percent range compared to a year ago, according to the dealer survey conducted by Wells Fargo Securities.

The survey included 36 Polaris dealers from around the nation, 10 of which were Polaris-only dealers and the remaining 26 carried Polaris and other brands. The survey focused on retail sales of larger dealers.

The survey found Polaris, Honda and Yamaha appear to be increasing their market share in core ATVs in the U.S. market while Suzuki, Can-Am, Kawasaki and Arctic Cat are losing share.

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