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Jul. 13, 2009 – Snowmobile Digest

Polaris updates model-year 2010 products

Polaris Industries reported a few updates to some of its 2010 models.
The Assault IFS Front Shocks have been upgraded to Walker Evans Coil over Needle Shocks for better big bump performance and more adjustability.
All Rush units will be shipped with the Low Black windshield. Previously Polaris indicated that Rush Models would not be shipped with a windshield. The mid and tall Snow Check windshields will be shipped in the Smoke color, not clear.
Due to dealer and consumer demand, Polaris brought back the 700 155 RMK, one of the most popular sleds in the core mountain segment.
As far as the youth models, a compliance update kit has been developed for 120 youth models remaining in dealer inventory. Dealers will receive kits this summer. A sample of the kit contents include bushings, hex nuts, spacers, cables and fasteners.

Insurance program benefits Canadian snowmobiling

Power Sports Insurance Solutions launched a new program unique to Canada that will benefit the snowmobile industry. It will make sled insurance more accessible, available and affordable, according to a report issued by the company.
York Fire & Casualty Insurance Co. (York) and the Canadian Council of Snowmobile Organizations (CCSO) announced Power Sports Insurance Solutions at the International Snowmobile Congress, the world’s largest annual snowmobile convention.
“York’s full-scale entry into the snowmobile insurance market is the first important step toward implementing a mutually beneficial national program for snowmobiles,” CCSO President Kevin Sweetland said in the release. “Power Sports Insurance Solutions will help remove uncertainty and inconsistency by providing Canadian snowmobilers with equal opportunity for sled insurance. Power Sports Insurance Solutions was developed by snowmobilers for snowmobilers, so we are confident it will meet all of our insurance needs for many years to come.”
As the program spreads across Canada in the next year or two, it will also offer insurance for motorcycles, ATVs, boats and RVs.
The new program is already set to kick off in Canada’s largest market, Ontario, exclusively with the Ontario Federation of Snowmobile Clubs.
Power Sports Insurance Solutions also includes a commitment to invest in promoting snowmobile safety nationally. The program will work closely with the CCSO and its member organizations to remind grassroots snowmobilers to always make safety their top priority. This new safety partnership is the first of its kind in Canada.

Canadian Prime Minister receives award

At the International Snowmobile Congress in Prince Edward Island, Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper received the President’s Award from the Canadian Council of Snowmobile Organizations (CCSO), which is the highest honor the CCSO grants.
He was granted the award for his work on expanding Canada’s network of trails.
“I am honored to receive this award from an organization that appreciates and understands the importance of conserving Canada’s natural heritage so it can be enjoyed by future generations,” the prime minister said in a press release. “Investing in Canada’s national trails helps create jobs today. It also opens up new opportunities for tourism businesses and allows more Canadians to enjoy the Canadian countryside in a safe and responsible manner.”
The prime minister announced on March 6 that, as part of Canada’s Economic Action Plan, his government was investing $25 million to expand Canada’s national trail system. The National Trails Coalition, of which the CCSO is a key member, has pledged to match this investment. As a result, associations and clubs across Canada are partnering under the Go Snowmobiling banner with provincial and local governments, economic development agencies, chambers of commerce and tourism offices to boost their winter economy with major upgrades to snowmobile trails this year.
“On behalf of our volunteers, clubs, riders, snowbelt communities and the snowmobile industry, we are pleased to recognize the prime minister’s exceptional leadership and support for our snowmobile tourism trails,” said Kevin Sweetland, CCSO president, upon presenting the prime minister with the award. psb

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