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Distribution change for popular helmet brand

The parent company of ScorpionExo helmets has changed its U.S. distribution plan, allowing for both Scorpion Sports Inc., the original distributor, and national distributor Tucker Rocky to carry the helmet line.

However, Scorpion Sports Inc., a dealer-direct company, will remain the exclusive provider of the ExoWear collection.

“Co-distribution was never part of the original business plan, but difficult economic times create strange alliances,” Eric Anderson, Scorpion’s vice president of sales and marketing, said in a Scorpion Sports press release.

The release says the new distribution plan was orchestrated by Scorpion’s parent company, Kido Sports of South Korea.

Anderson noted that in no way is Scorpion Sports getting out of the helmet business.

Scorpion Sports also will remain the customer service support, R&D, advertising and public relations providers for the brand.

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