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Triumph reports on its worldwide sales, company performance

Triumph Motorcycles Group’s worldwide new unit sales increased 19 percent in 2008 over the prior-year period, according to a company press release.

Triumph’s unit sales grew to 48,929 last year. As a result, the private company’s revenue increased 29 percent to $465 million. The company’s operating profit before interest and tax grew by 16 percent to $24 million.

“We are cautious in terms of the general market outlook for the 2009 financial year due to the continued global economic crisis and the impact on consumer confidence and spending on discretionary consumer goods,” Tue Mantoni, Triumph Motorcycles’ CEO, said in the release. “The global motorcycle market has declined, in particular in the last three to six months and we expect this pattern to continue during the rest of this year.

“We are, however, cautiously optimistic when it comes to Triumph’s performance. New models are extremely important to driving growth and we are very pleased with the reception of the recently launched Thunderbird, a 1,600cc parallel-twin cruiser.”

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