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Jun. 15, 2009 – PWC Digest

Alladio recognized by National Water Safety Congress

Shawn Alladio, founder of K38 Water Safety, was recognized on May 20 by the National Water Safety Congress with the organization’s Award of Merit.
Alladio was recognized for her work in promoting and advancing water recreation safety. The annual award is given to individuals and organizations that have made outstanding contributions to water safety during the previous year.
“This award recognizes your continuing efforts to train first responders of boating and water-related accidents involving recreational boaters and other users of the nation’s waterways,” NWSC Regional Vice President Ed Huntsman said upon giving the award to Alladio. The National Water Safety Congress went on to recognize Alladio’s contributions in developing and sharing cutting-edge emergency rescue techniques and training practices using PWC.
Alladio’s K38 continues to be sponsored by Kawasaki, which provides Jet Ski watercraft for use in the school’s training classes for a variety of public-safety agencies.

E15 Raising Concerns

A petition to the EPA from biofuel trade organization Growth Energy and more than 50 ethanol producers to raise ethanol levels in fuel from its current 10-percent limit (E-10) to 15 percent (E-15) is causing concern among marine industry members.
While current marine engines are designed to handle E-10, few if any are built to handle E-15. Critics note it contaminates fuel tanks with water, clogs carburetors and fuel filters with deposits, and can cause an engine to run too lean should it “phase-separate” from water-contaminated fuel. The National Marine Manufacturers Association has stated that none of the 18 million boats currently used in the United States, including PWC, are designed, calibrated or certified to run on fuels with any higher than a 10-percent ethanol mix. In fact, doing so may void the boat’s warranty.
A public comment period on the issue has been extended to July 20. The EPA and the Obama Administration will make the final decision. psb

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