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CPSC Chairman calls for 12-month exemption for youth ATVs, motorcycles

Consumer Product Safety Commission Chairman Nancy Nord is calling for a 12-month stay of the Consumer Product Safety Improvements Act (CPSIA), which would allow banned youth ATVs and motorcycles to be once again sold in dealership showrooms.

For this to happen, however, the commission’s other commissioner, Thomas Moore, would have to support this move.

“During this timeout, it is my hope that Congress will consider how the law needs to be fine-tuned to address this serious child safety dilemma,” Nord wrote in a statement. “This enforcement hiatus will also give the industry the opportunity to examine what reasonable changes can be made in their products to bring them closer to the requirements Congress set out in the CPSIA.”

Nord’s statement comes after the commission’s staff requested commissioners not to approve an exemption for youth ATVs and motorcycles from the minimum lead requirement called for in the CPSIA.

It’s not known when Moore will make his decision public. However, CPSC staff has said both commissioners usually make a decision about five days after the staff ruling is publicized. The staff ruling was made public April 1.

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