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MIC not optimistic youth ATVs, dirt bikes will receive law exclusion

Paul Vitrano, the Motorcycle Industry Council’s general counsel, says he is “not optimistic” exclusion for youth model ATVs and dirt bikes from the lead content provisions of the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act will be granted by the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC).

Vitrano said in a press release that CPSC commissioners voted on procedures for determining exclusions.

The ban on most youth ATVs and off-highway motorcycles has caused the powersports industry substantial harm and is a serious concern, Vitrano said at a press conference hosted by Rep. Tom Self of Missouri.

“Now the industry is caught in the middle of a fight between Congress and the CPSC,” Vitrano said. “Congress gave the CPSC the power to grant merited, common-sense exclusions, such as ATVs and off-highway motorcycles, from the lead standards. If CPSC believes its hands are tied because of the way the legislation was written, Congress needs to amend the law to restore common sense and make exclusions available for youth ATVs and dirt bikes.”

For more information, visit www.mic.org/stoptheban.cfm.

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