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Dec. 22, 2008 – PWC Digest

Environmental groups again target Tahoe

A coalition of environmental groups recently filed a lawsuit challenging the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency for adopting new land-use regulations without thorough consideration of the environmental and public access impacts.
According to the group, the new regulations would increase motorized boating on the lake, adding “more than 62,000 boat trips to current annual traffic.” The group is arguing the increased traffic would create dramatically more noise, water and air pollution, as well as limit public access, diminish the scenic quality of the lake and increase the probability of an invasive species, like the quagga mussel.
The Shorezone Ordinance Amendments were adopted in late October, and allow construction of 138 new piers, an additional 1,862 mooring buoys, six new access ramps and 235 additional slips.

PWC group reacts to Monterey Bay ruling

The Personal Watercraft Industry Association has reacted to the recent ruling on Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary. Industry observers might remember the area as famous for the Mavericks surf break, frequented by tow-in surfers.
“The great news that Mavericks was added as a new, fifth PWC zone is unfortunately spoiled by the fact that marine sanctuary managers in Central California have, without site-specific science, arbitrarily changed the definition of a PWC to now include boats enjoyed by thousands of families,” said Maureen Healey, PWIA’s executive director. “According to NOAA, any motorized craft up to 20 feet in length with jet propulsion is now prohibited from sanctuary waters, with the exception of five designated zones. Because of this misguided rule, many families who own boats in Central California have been punished without cause and now have no place to go boating.
“This new definition of a PWC was implemented despite overwhelming opposition at a series of six public hearings and from local and state governments.” psb

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