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Dec. 1, 2008 – Suzuki’s N. American sales drop

Suzuki Motor Corp. reported a slight decrease in revenue as its North American sales of new motorcycles and ATVs fell.
Suzuki’s ATV and motorcycle sales in North America declined by nearly 24.5 percent in the first half of its fiscal year, the company reported. The company sold 67,000 new motorcycles and ATVs in North America in its first half, which ended Sept. 30. Suzuki also saw its motorcycle segment sales decline in Europe (by nearly 12 percent) but had big gains in Asia (28 percent). Overall, Suzuki’s worldwide motorcycle segment sales rose in the first half.
Suzuki’s overseas sales of ATVs fell to 38,000, a 32 percent decline from the prior-year period, the report said. The company’s ATV production also has been cut, from 61,000 last year to 32,000 this year. All of that cutback has occurred in Suzuki’s domestic operations, the company report said. The North America production of 8,000 quads has remained consistent with last year.
North American sales in Suzuki’s auto division also fell in the first half. The company sold 52,000 new units in the first half, a decline of 5 percent compared to the year-ago period.
Suzuki’s overall revenue of $17.1 billion for its first half was slightly below the year-ago period. Net income of $340 million fell by 25.5 percent compared to last year. psb

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