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John Deere to release military UTV to the public

In November, the public can purchase a John Deere UTV combat-proven by the U.S. military.

The M-Gator A1 UTV has developed a strong reputation, says Cleo Franklin, strategic marketing manager of governmental and national sales for John Deere.

“The M-Gator has been very well received in the military and emergency personnel communities and has built a reputation we are proud of," he said in the release.

The vehicle has an 854cc engine, dual radiators and a 1,650-pound payload capacity. Standard features include a keyless ignition, front-mount tubular steel rack, 250-pound carrying capacity, cargo tie-downs, dual batteries and a bumper with an integral brush guard.

Originally launched in June 2007 to replace the M-Gator, the M-Gator A1 extended John Deere’s customer base to include first responders, search and rescue workers and police and fire departments internationally. The M-Gator A1’s engine provides 30 percent more engine displacement, 11 percent more hp and 14 percent more torque than the previous model.

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