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Piaggio launches Vespanomics initiative following study findings

A consumer survey and New York City traffic model are part of a national initiative Piaggio Group Americas has launched known as Vespanomics. The initiative was created to raise awareness of the environmental and economic impact of alternative modes of transportation like motor scooters.

Piaggio Group Americas has created a Web site to showcase the survey findings, display the traffic model and foster discussion at www.vespanoics.com.

The national survey the Group commissioned found 70 percent of Americans say they are concerned about global warming and 80 percent feel it is urgent for government officials to take immediate steps toward reducing America’s use of fossil fuels and harmful emissions like carbon dioxide.

The survey also found that more than a third of those surveyed said that they would be willing to consider using a motor scooter for a portion of their mileage to help improve fuel economy and curb vehicle emissions.

In addition to the survey examining consumers’ attitudes on global warming, Piaggio has also studied how motor scooters can alleviate traffic- and emissions-related issues in urban areas like New York City.

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