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March 12, 2007 – PWC Report

Massachusetts Bill Might Ban All Two-Strokes
Legislation has been presented in the state of Massachusetts that could outlaw all two-stroke “recreational vehicles,” including PWC, boats, ATVs, motorcycles and snowmobiles.
The legislation targets the sale of two-stroke models, prohibiting anyone from selling any two-stroke not manufactured after June 1. Vehicles produced prior to the date could only be sold to individuals for personal use, and not be resold, meaning dealers would be hard pressed to take any two-stroke model in on trade.
The American Watercraft Association is encouraging all interested parties to contact their state representative to express their thoughts on the bill, as well as keep close tabs on the proposed ban by visiting the association’s Web site, www.awahq.org.
Invasive species Found In California Waterways
An invasive form of mussel, the Quagga, has been discovered in California, in the area of Lake Havasu. The Quagga mussel is already well established in the Great Lakes Region, where it has attached itself to boats and engines, and threatened water-transport facilities.
PWC users are encouraged to contact the state’s toll-free help line at 866/440-9530 for more information on the destructive species. Also, all boaters are asked to thoroughly wash their hull once it is out of the water, and then drain the engine compartment thoroughly.
In addition, vessels traveling from the Colorado River or Lake Mead are asked to remain dry and out of the water for five days. psb

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