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March 12, 2007 – New 130hp engine, changes in chassis highlight Yamaha ’08

When Yamaha snocross racer Robbie Malinoski took his four-stroke snowmobile to the checkers for the first time, he had a secret.
His Pro Open racer was actually Yamaha’s pre-production 2008 Nytro FX.
Now, dealers and consumers can expect to see Malinoski and his winning 2008 Nytro FX as a part of Yamaha’s new advertising campaign. The new Nytro machines are a shining star in the 19-model field of 2008 Yamahas. The Nytros, which have the look of the Phazer with a new 130 hp engine, come in three models and is the biggest change in the lineup.
Other major changes for this model year include the expansion of the RS Vector into the Deltabox II chassis, nomenclature changes and tribute graphics for Yamaha’s 40th anniversary in the snowmobile business.
Spring Program
Yamaha will offer a spring buyer incentive program called Spring Power Surge.
Adam Sylvester, snowmobile product manager for Yamaha, said spring buyers will have the best chance of getting the limited edition 40th anniversary edition Apex GT.
Other incentives include $600 in accessories, a three-year warranty, a 40th anniversary gift and 0/0 financing until March 2008.
“Yamaha is committed to the snowmobile business and we are committed to the success of our dealer network,”?Sylvester said. “Yamaha’s No. 1 goal is to reduce ending inventory for the dealers and we will adjust production of 2008 models to help achieve this goal.”
Yamaha will take its new models on a snowbelt-wide, 29-stop road show, starting on Feb. 26 in Lake Geneva, Wis., and ending April 15 in Allentown, Penn.
Celebrating 40 Years
Yamaha Motor celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2005. This year, it’s commemorating its 40th year building snowmobiles.
The dealer meeting, held on Feb. 25 in Lake Geneva, Wis., had a 40th anniversary theme, which will carry on throughout the year in several ways.
Five snowmobile models will feature vintage graphics à là the Canadian SRX model. Models wearing the birthday suit are the Apex GT, the Apex MTX SE, the FX Nytro RTX, the FX Nytro MTX and the RS Vector GT.
Collateral materials include a 40th Anniversary book and poster. Vintage machines will be on display at select consumer shows.
New Names
Yamaha did some consolidation this year in terms of model names. The Attak name is gone, due to Honda’s European trademark on the same name. It is now the Apex LTX. The RS Vector LTX replaces the Rage and the Phazer RTX is the former Phazer FX.
Several machines now have a suffix that explains its main role in the lineup. The RTX stands for the rough trail segment, GT is for “groomed trail” snowmobiles, the LTX refers to the 136-inch-track models and the MTX designates mountain sleds.
The FX Nytro
The biggest new player on the Yamaha scene is the Nytro lineup. The machine comes in two forms: the standard FX Nytro and the FX Nytro RTX.
“Obviously we are very proud of our new FX Nytro,” Sylvester said. “The FX Nytro will meet all the requests from the market for a lightweight four-stroke with incredible handling, comfort and bump capability.”
The Nytro has the quad-style look of the Phazer, but with a new engine, a new rear suspension and a upgraded front suspension.
The front suspension was tweaked in the torsion bar, with the goal of flatter handling. The standard FX shocks are piggyback-style clicker GYT-Rs that are longer than the predecessor’s. The RTX model uses Fox FLOAT shocks.
The new rear suspension is a dual-shock model that was developed for snocross racing. It uses compression-adjustable SOQI aluminum high-pressure gas shocks. There is no limiter strap.
The Genesis 130 FI makes its debut in this sled. It’s a 1050cc, 130hp fuel injected four-stroke. It has three cylinders, direct drive with no gear reduction, a dry sump oil system and runs on 87 octane gasoline. The fuel injection is Mikuni closed-loop. It gets an estimated 1 mpg less than the Phazer’s 80hp engine. Yamaha reports that it’s 11 pounds lighter than the Genesis 120 engine, and early reports give it 14 more horsepower.
There is no turbo feature on this engine.
Vector Goes Apex
The RS Vector models have moved into the Deltabox II chassis, found on the Apex.
Unlike the Apex, it still uses a carbed version of the Genesis 120 four-stroke engine and keeps its original exhaust system. The Apex has the Genesis 150. However, the weight for the two models are comparable.
The big changes are in the ergonomics. It has a higher feel than the previous Vectors, with higher handlebars and more rider-forward positioning. It uses the same rear suspension and shocks as 2007.
Most machines in the Yamaha lineup received minimal changes from last season, which was a year with a lot of new products.

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