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Sparta Commercial enters municipal leasing market

Sparta Commerical Services Inc., a New York City-based financial services company exclusively dedicated to the powersports industry, has launched a new municipal leasing program designed to meet the needs of law enforcement agencies throughout the United States.

Sparta estimates the municipal market for law enforcement motorcycle leases exceeds $200 million annually, based upon extensive discussions the company conducted among Harley-Davidson, Honda and BMW dealers, the brands prominent in the municipal environment.

“We discovered that most of these [law enforcement] agencies have historically been purchasing these vehicles with few, if any, alternatives, so we developed a way for governmental organizations to acquire the motorcycles they need through a program with great flexibility, and reduce their capital outlays at the same time,” said Anthony Havens, Sparta CEO. “Clearly, that’s a desirable option at a time when budgetary constraints are so common.”

Sparta also has determined that, given the seasonal motorcycle usage of many jurisdictions, and the significant mileage that others accrue, the short-term, 12- to 60-month leases available through the municipal lease program offer the greatest flexibility to the agencies.

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