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Yamaha expands cruising options – October 16, 2006

Expanding upon the touring concept Yamaha introduced with the FX line, the company passes down that touring-friendly, supportive saddle to the more price-conscious VX line for ’07.
Priced at $8,299, the new VX Cruiser is billed as the most affordable model in Yamaha’s “cruising” line, and features a primarily black color scheme. Yamaha’s compression-molded fiber composite technology distributes that color throughout the material, meaning small scratches will be less apparent. The existing VX Sport ($7,599) and VX Deluxe ($7,999) return, and are now joined by yet another boat at the bottom of the lineup, the VX ($7,399), a no-frills model aimed primarily at rental operators.
For ’07, all four machines will continue to use the celebrated 110hp four-stroke engine. Both the Deluxe and Cruiser offer upgrades, including dual mirrors, the keyless security remote and a low-RPM mode. Other key specs include 19 gallons of storage capacity and an extended reboarding platform.
Elsewhere, Yamaha returns four boats in the FX line, models that utilize either the 1052cc, 160-hp High Output MR-1, or 998cc, 140-hp MR-1 engines. They continue to be distinguished by the automotive-style dash introduced last year. One of each engine type is featured in both cruiser and non-cruiser seating variations. Yamaha’s cruiser seat is part of the company’s three-point contact system, which couples the hip-supporting seat design with footwell chocks for leverage and the raised, tilt-steering handlebars.
High Output models also feature an onboard fuel-flow meter to monitor gas consumption. Pull-up cleats also make the vehicles more dock-friendly.
Prices range from $9,699 and $10,499 for the FX and FX High Output, to $10,499 and $11,299 for the FX Cruiser and Cruiser High Output. Like the VX line, the base FX gets a white hull, while the next three graduate to black.
Rounding out the line is the two-stroke powered GP1300R ($9,499) and SuperJet ($6,499).

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