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Oct. 16, 2006 – Cycle Report

Production up 4% in August in Japan
The four main motorcycle manufacturers in Japan produced 130,859 units in August, up 4,974 units or 4 percent compared to August 2005.
According to Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association (JAMA), Honda produced 44,785 units in August, up from 42,151 units in August 2005; Kawasaki produced 18,869 units, down from 21,159 units; Suzuki produced 37,118, up from 33,730 units; and Yamaha produced 30,031 units, up from 28,820 units.
The August production total is an upturn after two months of decreases. And, as JAMA reports, production from January through August totaled 1,140,742 units, up a mere 353 units compared with the production total of 1,140,389 units recorded in the same for the eight-month period of 2005.
JAMA says Honda produced 362,749 units in Japan from January through August 2006, down from 382,256 units produced during the same eight months in 2005; Kawasaki produced 155,236 units, up from 142,033 units; Suzuki produced 338,689 units, up from 310,608 units; and Yamaha produced 283,704 units, down from 305,204 units.
The four main manufacturers exported 83,000 units in August, up 5,409 units or 7 percent compared to August 2005.
According to JAMA, Honda exported 23,830 units in August, down from 25,425 units exported in August 2005; Kawasaki exported 16,649 units, up from 15,643 units; Suzuki shipped 23,565 units, up from 14,733 units; and Yamaha moved 18,956 units, down from 21,790 units.
The motorcycles exported in August had a value of $460.6 million, up $42.3 million or 10.1 percent compared to a value of $418.2 million in August 2005. The export value in August 2006 included $368.8 million for vehicles and $91.8 million for parts.
For the eight-month period ended Aug. 31, the manufacturers exported 844,375 units, up from 825,807 units exported during the same eight months in 2005. Honda exported 212,040 units, down from 234,139 units; Kawasaki shipped 141,249 units, up from 127,570 units; Suzuki moved 253,580 units, up from 203,335 units; and Yamaha exported 237,506 units, a drop from 260,763 units.
BMW Reveals Pricing for 2007
BMW Motorrad USA recently announced pricing for its 2007 model year lineup.
In the F–Series, the 2007 F 650 GS carries a manufacturer’s suggested retail price of $7,525 and the F 650 GS Dakar retails for $8,225.
In the K–Series, the 2007 K 1200 R retails for $14,325, the K 1200 S for $15,825, the K 1200 GT for $19,025 and the K 1200 LT for $22,195.
The robust six-model R–Series ranges in price from $13,025 to $21,015. The 2007 R 1200 R retails for $13,025; the R 1200 S, $14,725;
R 1200 GS, $14,875; R 1200 GS Adventure, $16,775; R 1200 GS HP2 (including street wheel kit), $21,015; and the R 1200 RT, $17,075.
The base prices include retailer assembly and freight, but exclude federal, state or local taxes. Of course, the final retail prices, retailer charges and the method of determining retail prices and charges are at the discretion of the retailer.
Aprilia Taps New Style Manager
Italy’s Piaggio Group has hired former Honda and Ducati Designer Miguel Galluzzi as head of the Aprilia Style Center.
A graduate of the Pasadena Art Center’s College of Design, Galluzzi began his career with two-wheelers in 1989 when he joined Honda as a motorcycle designer and was given the tasks of following the latest European style trends and working on a 600cc project.
In 1989, he teamed with the Cagiva Group and subsequently designed the Ducati Monster, 900 SS and 944 ST, the Cagiva Planet, Raptor and Xtra-Raptor, and all the Husqvarnas from 1997 on.
Galluzzi will report directly to Aprilia Brand Manager Leo Francesco Mercanti.
“The arrival of Miguel Galluzzi is an extremely important step in our development of different competencies within Aprilia,” Mercanti said. “Our strategy now is to achieve a more extensive and more aggressive coverage of the main segments of today’s motorcycle market through a range of easily identifiable products, advanced technology and innovation and unmistakable style.”
S&S Receives EU Approval for Three Engines
S&S Cycle’s SH93, T124, and T124V engines have met European Union (EU) standards for exhaust and noise emissions.
Approvals for the SH93 and T124 engines add to existing EU-approved S&S V-Series engines, including the V96, V113, and the V124 models, S&S officials said.
S&S designed the SH93 engine to replace Harley-Davidson shovel engines from 1970-1984, the S&S T124 to replace the carbureted Twin Cam 88 engine from 1999-2006, and the S&S V-Series and the S&S T124V engines for use in 1984-1999 chassis originally equipped with a carbureted Evolution engine.
EU standards include a requirement that the noise emissions not exceed 80 dB (A). To accomplish this on all three engines, the S&S signature teardrop air cleaner design is used in conjunction with a special backplate, which includes a baffle to reduce intake noise. psb

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