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JAMA: 37.26 million units sold in 2005 – September 4, 2006

The Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association (JAMA) says nearly 40 million two-wheelers were produced and approximately 37.26 million two-wheelers were sold worldwide in 2005.
According to JAMA, global motorcycle production reached nearly 40 million units in 2005, up from 30 million units in 2003. Asia, the organization said, turns out approximately 90 percent of the global supply of two-wheelers — China accounting for 17 million units; India, 7.7 million units; Indonesia, 5.11 million units; and Japan, 1.79 million units.
JAMA’s figures show the 11 countries within the Asian region also make up the world’s leading retail market area for two-wheelers, accounting for sales of 31.51 million units in 2005, a 60.6 percent increase from sales of 19.62 million units in 2001.
The organization says 17 countries within Europe accounted for sales of 2.04 million units, up 3 percent from 1.98 million units in 2001; sales in North America totaled 1.87 million units, up 18.5 percent from 1.58 million units in 2001; and sales in seven Latin American countries totaled 1.83 million, up 103.3 percent from sales of 900,000 units in 2001.
Germany’s Cycle Sales Drop 24 percent in June
Motorcycle sales in Germany in June totaled 18,674 units, down 24 percent from 24,600 units retailed in June 2005, according to the Federal Bureau of Motor Vehicles and Drivers (KBA).
The organization said sales for the six months ended June 30 totaled 106,146 units, down 7 percent from 114,572 units retailed during the same six months of 2005.
The 10 top-selling brands for the six months ended June 30 were Honda, 21,480 units; BMW, 14,635 units; Suzuki, 13,698 units; Yamaha, 13,145 units; Kawasaki, 8,121 units; Piaggio, 5,046 units; Harley-Davidson, 3,618 units; KTM, 3,188 units; Aprilia, 2,343 units; and Triumph 1,976 units.
U.K. Two-Wheeler Sales Down 8 percent in June
Two-wheeler sales in the United Kingdom in June totaled 14,227 units, down 8 percent from the 15,525 units retailed in June 2005, according to trade group Motor Cycle Industry Association (MCI). While motorcycle sales dropped 5 percent to 10,576 units, scooter sales plummeted 17 percent to 3,651 units.
Two-wheeler sales for the six months ended June 30 totaled 68,948 units, just below the 69,196 units retailed during the same six months in 2005. Motorcycle sales for the six-month period were up 1 percent to 50,939 units while scooter sales dropped 4 percent to 18,009 units.
Italy’s Two-Wheeler Sales Down 6.7 percent in July
Sales of two-wheelers in Italy in July dropped 6.7 percent or 7,000 units compared to sales in July 2005, according to motorcycle association Confindustria ANCMA. While motorcycle sales slid a mere 0.8 percent, scooter sales dropped 9.2 percent.
ANCMA says 339,495 two-wheelers were sold from January through July, up 6.7 percent compared to the same seven months in 2005. Motorcycle sales were up 7.2 percent to 128,916 units while scooter sales — supported by a large order from the Italian Postal Service — climbed 6.4 percent to 210,579 units.
New two-wheeler Sales in Taiwan Down 9.3 percent in July
Sales of two-wheelers in Taiwan in July dropped 9.3 percent compared to sales in July 2005.
China’s Ministry of Transportation and Communications (MOTC) says economic factors negatively influenced consumer financing, which in turn played a large role in dropping sales to 67,736 units.
July’s figures continued a downward trend. Sales for the seven months ended July 31 totaled 409,845 units, down 5.8 percent from the same period last year.
The top-five brands in Taiwan include Kwang Yang Motor Co., Ltd. (KYMCO), Yamaha Motor Taiwan Co. (Yamaha), Sanyang Industry Co., Ltd. (SYM) and Tailing and Motive Power Industry Co. Ltd. (PGO).
MOTC forecasts sales of 700,000 to 750,000 PTWs in Taiwan in 2006, nearly identical to sales in 2005. Taiwan’s PTW manufacturers say they are optimistic regarding the remainder of the year, buoyed by the hope that increased fuel prices will continue to drive demand for their small displacement, fuel-efficient product.
Brazil Production: 804,198 Units in Seven Months
Brazil’s motorcycle manufacturers produced 804,198 units from January through July, a 17.5 percent increase from the 684,653 units built during the same seven-month period in 2005.
Brazil, the fifth largest motorcycle market in the world, has four main motorcycle companies manufacturing there: Honda, Kasinski, Sundown and Yamaha. A record 1.21 million two-wheelers were sold in Brazil in 2005, up 14.8 percent compared to sales of 1.05 million units in 2004.
Pablo Shuiti Takeuchi, president of Brazil’s Association of the Manufacturers of Motorcycles, Mopeds, Motonetas, Bicycles and Similars (Abraciclo), said he expects a production increase of about 12 percent and a sales increase of about 15 percent in 2006, but warns that further growth will require factory expansions.
“The sector is practically using all its installed capacity of production,” Takeuchi said. “This growth will have to continue in the next years.”
Abraciclo says 708,510 motorcycles were sold during the seven-month period, up 23 percent from 576,041 units sold during the same period in 2005.
While production and domestic sales continue to climb in Brazil, exports have decreased for six of the past seven months when compared to 2005.
Abraciclo says 105,031 units were exported between January and July, down 2.6 percent from exports during the same period last year. The organization expects exports to fall approximately 6 percent in 2006, likely due to an OEM strategy of increasing localized production in foreign markets.

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