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Buell plans eight models for ’07 – August 14, 2006

Buell Motorcycle Company plans to enter 2007 with eight models in four categories.
The line-up includes the Lightning City X XB9SX (MSRP: $8,895), XB12S ($10,495), XB12Ss ($10,495) and XB12Scg ($10,495); Firebolt XB9R ($8,895) and XB12R ($10,495); Ulysses XB12X ($11,495); and Blast ($4,695).
New for 2007, all Buell XB models will roll on Pirelli tires instead of the previous Dunlop models. The Buell XB12X Ulysses and Lightning City X XB9SX are shod with aggressive Pirelli Scorpion Sync tires, while all other XB models are on the Pirelli Diablo T tires.
Also new is Buell’s Cherry Bomb Translucid Red color to be offered on the Lightning XB12S and Lightning XB12Scg models. The Firebolt XB12R will be offered in Midnight Black with new Translucent Cherry Bomb Red wheels and windscreen, and for the first time in Sunfire Yellow with Designer Black wheels.
New on Lightning models for 2007 are the Pirelli Diablo T tires and the new Cherry Bomb Translucid Red color scheme; Firebolt changes include Pirelli Diablo T tires and a new airbox cover design to increase airflow potential without adversely affecting intake noise levels; and changes to the Ulysses XB12X include a lower standard seat height, revised front fork springs, new airbox cover and Pirelli Scorpion Sync tires instead of the previous Dunlop D616.
Also introduced was a touring seat and detachable saddlebags for the XB12Ss Lightning Long. Available in Buell’s accessories catalog, the Lightning Long Touring Seat features a gel molded insert, lowers the rider seating position by one inch, and provides more space and comfort for a passenger.
The detachable saddlebags are polyester bags with a rigid body that maintains its molded shape empty or full. The outer shell is UV and weather resistant, and the zippers are waterproof. Each bag expands by two inches for additional capacity and can be used with the Buell Detachable Trunk Bag and Tank Bag for a complete sport-touring luggage package.
Buell says the 2007 Ulysses is a better fit for more riders, thanks to the new seat shape that’s both narrower at the front and lower overall. Seat height is reduced by 1.3 inches to 31.8 inches. Seat comfort and durability is further enhanced by the elimination of seams on the side of the seat and an improved coarse texture.
Finally, the returning lightweight, single-cylinder 34hp Buell Blast features new Arctic White bodywork for 2007. And, introduced in January 2006 as a 2007 model, the Buell XBRR is a limited-edition production racing motorcycle designed exclusively for closed-course competition. It is priced at $30,995.
Buell shipped 11,166 motorcycles in 2005, split about 50/50 between the United States and international markets.

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