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PWC – APBA Unveils high Points Ranking System

The American Powerboat Association (APBA) recently announced details on a new national high points ranking system. Based on the system that the APBA has successfully used in other APBA race categories, the system will produce a means to nationally rank PWC racers in a variety of classes. According to APBA officials, a national points system offers a variety of benefits to both racers and promoters, the foremost of which is providing a goal for racers, increasing participation at events, and rewarding racers for their accomplishments nationwide. With the high points system, riders can earn points in any region they elect to compete in, including their local area.
A minimum of seven events or rounds will be required for racers to achieve a national ranking. In fact, the National High Points ranking will be based on a racer’s top seven event scores, meaning riders who elect to race more often will have a greater chance of improving their ranking, but those that may not have the same financial resources to attend more than seven events will not be penalized. A select number of so-called big events, like the Watercross Nationals, may be weighted more heavily. Classes with less than five riders will earn half points.
One obvious advantage to the program is that riders can travel outside their local regions to races that may be attractive, and have their time, effort and money count towards their goal of a national high points ranking.
Riders interested in more details on the National High Points System can log on to the APBA Web site at apbaracing.com.

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