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FOCUS – Tucker Rocky to Offer New Bikes

Tucker Rocky Distributing will show two new models of SDG motorcycles at the Dealer Expo this year, a 50cc mini and a 125cc performance model.
The SDG 125cc Pro MINI has a 4-speed manual clutch and is the only mini in its class to start in any gear. It has a wheelbase of 44", ground clearance of 12", and a seat height of 29.5". MSRP for the 125cc is $1,599 and for the 50cc, it’s $999.50. The 107cc bike introduced last year carries a retail price of $2,399.
Visitors will find Tucker’s big 7,700-sq.-ft. booth about the same as last year, although two of its leading suppliers, MotoGP and KBC helmets, will have their booths located adjacent to the Tucker Rocky exhibit. MotoGP will have about 600 sq. ft. and KBC will have more than 400 sq. ft.
Tucker has split its big catalog into two parts, one for street gear and one for off-road. Last year, Tucker’s book ran about 1,200 total pages; this year, street will be about 1,100 pages and dirt, about 900 pages, although there will be some duplication. Both books will be available at the Dealer Expo.
Last year’s bike kit demonstration will be expanded this year, says Bill Carter, vice president of marketing at the Fort Worth, Texas, distributor. Plans call for a custom painting seminar and, possibly, a painting demonstration.
Visitors also will find one or possibly both of Tucker’s concept programs that it is taking to the Biker’s Choice consumer shows. Biker’s Choice is Tucker’s business unit aimed at the American V-twin market. The two programs are the “Garage Experience” and the “Average Joe Reality Build.”
The Garage Experience includes hands-on demos of projects such as rebuilding a transmission or customizing the back of a bike to take a fatter tire.
“We’ll be doing these little, specific hands-on projects for consumers who are coming through,” points out Carter. “‘Average Joe’ is similar, but rather than just showing a nice finished bike from a bike kit, we will be working on the kit with an Average Joe from the audience.
One or both of these projects will be going on at Indy.”
Tucker also will have its New Product Wall again this year. The display is designed to make it easy for dealers to quickly spot what’s new from the distributor this year.
A number of vendors, such as Big Gun, also will be in the Tucker area providing technical assistance with their products.
For dealers selling ATVs, Tucker will have a lot of new products to see, especially in the sport area; and Carter says sportbike offerings were beefed up, as well.
You’ll also see increased emphasis on its house brands when you visit the Tucker Rocky exhibit at Indy.
“Pro Taper has a lot going on,” notes Carter. For one thing, there’s a new contoured handlebar made with different materials and carrying a lower price point.
There’s also a new super stock aftermarket clamp for a 1 1/8-inch bar that cuts the cost of moving from a 7/8-inch bar to the larger one.
Tucker also is offering a new Pro Taper display and display program. “It’s just a really nice functional display for handlebars,” points out Carter. Dealers can take parts of the display and integrate them into their store’s slatwall or take the entire promotional unit.
“It’s built especially for handlebars,” says Carter, “and it has a triple clamp mounted on it with the bar and grips. This gives dealers a nice way to have a really nice visual in the Pro Taper yellow. It’s a pretty neat deal.”
Tucker’s River Road brand will introduce textile apparel and luggage that Carter says “will be big items” for the distributor.
There also will be River Road sunglasses and a new sun glass display.
Tucker Rocky is in Booth #101.

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