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CYCLE – Japan’s Cycle Production Up 1%, Exports Up 10.5%

March 16, 2005
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Japan’s motorcycle production in December 2004 was recorded as 202,623 units, up 30.6% compared to the production of 155,128 units in December 2003, according to Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association (JAMA), which also gauged Japan’s motorcycle production from January 2004 to December 2004 at 1,848,788 units, up 1.0% compared with the production total of 1,830,905 units for full-year 2003.
Yamaha produced 84,267 units in December; Honda produced 50,571; Suzuki produced 44,812, Kawasaki produced 22,954, and a collection of others produced just 19 units.
JAMA says Japanese motorcycle manufacturers exported 189,784 units during the month, up 61.6% compared to the 117,423 units exported in December 2003. Yamaha exported a total of 92,384 units, Honda exported 41,574, Suzuki exported 33,795, and Kawasaki exported 22,031.
The total value of motorcycles exported during December was $809.28 million, including $676.12 million for vehicles and $133.16 million for parts. This is an increase of $233.34 million or 40.5% compared with the $575.94 million total recorded for the same month of the previous year.
JAMA says 73,614 units were exported to North America during December 2004. Of that total, 69,335 units came to the United States while 4,279 units went to Canada.
For the full year, January 2004 through December 2004, Japan’s motorcycle manufacturers produced 1,848,788 units, up 1.0% compared to the 1,830,905 units produced during 2003. JAMA says Yamaha produced 663,385 units, Honda produced 567,628, Suzuki produced 397,104, Kawasaki produced 220,308, and a collection of others produced 363 units.
Exports during the 12-month period in 2004 accounted for 1,415,140 units, up 10.5% compared to the 1,280,955 units exported during full-year 2003. JAMA says Yamaha exported 570,423 units; Honda, 350,255 units; Suzuki, 297,445 units; and Kawasaki, 197,017 units.
The total value of motorcycles exported during 2004 was $6.916 billion, including $5.478 billion for vehicles and $1.438 billion for parts. This is an increase of $1,019.76 million or 17.3% compared with the $5.897 billion total recorded for the previous year.


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