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ATV – ATV Safet Program Launched in Canada

The Canadian All-Terrain Vehicle Distributors Council (CATV) this week introduced ATV SafetyWatch, a program aimed at encouraging the safe and responsible use of ATVs by riders of all ages, skill levels and experience.
The CATV says close to 90,000 new ATVs were sold in Canada during 2004. In the last three years, over 275,000 new ATVs have been purchased, bringing the total number of ATVs in use in Canada to approximately 850,000. The organization estimates that over 2.5 million Canadians ride an ATV each year.
Scheduled to be promoted across Canada with brochures and posters distributed to ATV dealerships, federations, and clubs, ATV SafetyWatch is designed to raise awareness of what CATV says are three key attributes all “pro” riders of ATVs demonstrate: prudence, responsibility and organization.
Initially, the ATV SafetyWatch program features three educational components: Tips for the ATV Rider booklet, ATV Like a PRO CD, and the ATV Rider Course.
Both the ATV Rider booklet and ATV Like a PRO CD are learning tools which detail the skills and preparation required to safely operate an ATV. This ranges from reading the terrain and knowing how to turn, accelerate and stop, to the pre-ride inspection and what protective gear should be worn. The Tips for the ATV Rider booklet is a pocket-sized, comprehensive reference to all aspects of riding an all-terrain vehicle. It was developed by the CATV and is distributed through ATV dealerships to all purchasers of new ATVs.
The ATV Like a PRO CD is an interactive computer-based program that presents, in a multi-media format, the preparation and riding skills each ATV rider should practice to stay safe. The CD was developed and produced by the CATV and the Canada Safety Council (CSC), a national, non-government, charitable organization dedicated to providing safety information, education and awareness resources to Canadians.
In addition to the ATV Like a PRO CD, the CSC offers the CATV-supported ATV Rider Course, the third component of ATV SafetyWatch. This five and a half to seven hour hands-on training program is based on field-tested techniques and operated by CSC certified instructors.
“With the launch of this new program, the ATV industry is re-doubling its commitment to promoting and fostering the safe and responsible use of all- terrain vehicles,” said Robert Ramsay, CATV’s President. “It’s up to every ATV rider to be aware of and abide by the rules and to use common sense while riding at all times, so that everyone — ATV riders as well as all the other users who share the trail systems — can have a fun and safe experience enjoying the activity of their choice.”
The Canadian All-Terrain Vehicle Distributors Council, founded in 1984, is a national, non-profit, trade association. For further information about ATV SafetyWatch, contact CATV representative Collin Richard 416/491-4449; crichard@catv.ca; or visit www.catv.ca.

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