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ATV – Peugeot Displays Fuel-Cell Four-Wheeler

Peugeot has unveiled a prototype two-person four-wheeler powered by fuel cell technology.
Named “Quark”, the vehicle runs off of electric motors located on the hub of each of the unit's four 17-inch alloy wheels. The motors are fed through a complex air-cooled hydrogen fuel-cell system developed by Montreal-based hybrid-specialist TM4. The 2.4-gallon hydrogen fuel cell supplements electrical energy supplied by a Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH) battery consisting of 40 individual cells, each with a voltage of 7.2 volts. A “plug & drive” system makes it easy to replace an empty hydrogen bottle.
Peugeot says Quark can achieve a range of between 62 to 81 miles, depending on driving style. The company says it puts out a peak of 40 hp; torque peaks at 295 lb-ft. Top speed? About 65 mph.
The ignition on the 937-pound, 93.7-inch-long vehicle works via a removable PDA-like device used in conjunction with an instrument panel. Positioned in its housing, it provides information concerning the traction system, the fuel cell, vehicle speed, satellite navigation and more.

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