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Saxon debuts 2005 motorcycle lineup
Officials at Saxon Motorcycle Company, Casa Grande, Ariz., have announced the opening of their new 40,000-square-foot manufacturing facility and the recent launch of their 2005 model line and lifestyle apparel.
A subsidiary of RPM Holdings Group LLC, Saxon was formed in August.
The 2005 Saxon motorcycle line is priced starting at $21,995 MSRP and includes the Warlord, Saxon’s flagship chopper; the Firestorm, a long and low pro-street; the Broad Sword, a beach cruiser; and the Sceptre, a classic sport cruiser.
In addition to those models, Saxon plans to launch two additional models within the next 60 days: the Black Crown, a retro-modern chopper; and the Griffin, a signature series pro-street. All of the models include S&S 96” motors (111” optional), 6-speed transmissions, suspension frames, 250-series rear tires, and a choice of eight colors.
Saxon Motorcycles will be in booth 499B at the V-Twin Expo in Cincinnati. Interested dealers also can call 916/934-0873 or visit www.saxonmotorcycles.com.

Independent Grows on Legend
Based in Rapid City, S.D., Independent Cycle, Inc. (ICI) is the company responsible for Lowlife and Hardlife brand frames and rolling chassis, and the Legend Air Suspension. Founded in 1998, Legend is a subsidiary of ICI.
“Our goal in Cincy is to release two new models of suspension for softails and several other ICI products I’d rather not mention right now,” the company’s Jesse Jurrens told Powersport Business.
The manufacturer of every component it sells, ICI employs 20 people.
“The air suspension was an invention based out of need,” Jurrens said. “I had a fat boy in 1993 and slammed it to the ground. It rode terrible, so I searched the market for air ride because I was familiar with them through cars. To my surprise, nothing was available, so I got to work.”
Jurrens said Legend’s Softail models will work on basically any Softail frame, and said the company now has applications for FL models, V Rods and Dynas, among others.
“Response has been great. Sales continue to grow and so does the market,” Jurrens said. “Right now the competition has missed the boat; we are the only company that offers a true air suspension – meaning we are the only set up that uses an actual air spring, which is key to making an air ride system.”
Legend Air Suspensions range from $1,500 to $1,800. The Softail Air-Ride system uses Gates Kevlar air spring technology and includes an air compressor, gauge, redesigned rocker box gauge mount, hardware and a solenoid valve with easy on-the-go single switch operation. CNC machined from 6061-T6 billet aluminum and 303 stainless steel, the unit is available in a black anodized, machine or show chrome finish, and comes with a one year warranty.
Legend product is sold dealer-direct through ICI, or through Drag Specialties and Arlen Ness in the United States and Zodiac in Europe. For more information, call 605/737-4200 or visit www.independentcycleinc.com.

Weld Adds Flare to Wheels
The youngest rookie ever to qualify for and race in the Indy 500, Greg Weld left competition driving at the age of 23 to devote time to the formation of his company, Weld Racing.
Weld Wheel Industries produces forged alloy wheels for motorcycles; racecars; customs; off-road trucks; luxury automobiles, pickups and SUVs. Product is split into five categories: Weld Racing, Weld Motorsports, Weld Motorcycle, Weld EVO and BC Forged. Motorcycle wheels make up 20% of the company’s sales.
Manufacturing out of a 300,000 sq. ft. facility in Kansas City, Mo., Weld’s motorcycle applications are built around stock Harley-Davidson fitments and common custom chassis applications. For 2005, the company also will offer fitments for the Yamaha Warrior.
In October, Weld introduced a line of billet wheels called the Flare Series. Manufactured out of aircraft quality aluminum and backed by a lifetime structural and a five-year warranty on chrome wheels, the Flare Series lineup is only available for post 2000 models. Sizes include 18” x 10.5”, 18” x 8.5”, 18” x 3.5”, 21” x 3.25” and 21” x 2.15”.
Weld Motorcycle also has a number of other new products, including a new line of four-piston billet brake calipers backed by a two-year warranty and a two-piece 18”x14” Monster rear wheel to compliment the 360 series rear tire from Vee Rubber International.
“We’ve been working on these unique billet calipers for over a year now to complement our line of wheels, rotors, pulleys and sprockets,” said Taylor Weld, executive vice-president of research and development. “The wheels came out far better than I anticipated due to my extensive knowledge of building top fuel racing wheels. Several bike builders, names withheld, working on the Discovery Channel’s next Bike Build Off will be using this setup on their new radical customs.”
Weld does not have distributors outside of the United States To become a Weld dealer in the United States, the company requires a copy of a retailer’s business license, a photocopy of a yellow pages ad, picture of the store and a completed dealer application. A COD credit application or catalog highlighting Weld’s wheels, rotors, pulleys and sprockets can be obtained by calling the customer service department at 866/753-4289. To learn more, visit www.weldmotorcycle.

The Powertye Big Daddy
Powertye Manufacturing, Anaheim, Calif., has created a new custom bike builder program. The company says it’s developing a line of specially branded two-inch Big Daddy tie-downs designed specifically for the world’s top custom bike builders. The tie down straps will have the name and logo of each top custom bike builder specially fusion printed on them.
While Matt Hotch, owner of HotMatch Custom Cycles — the current Discovery Channel Biker Build Off Champion — was the first custom builder to come on board with Powertye, the company also offers the tie-downs to Orange County Choppers, Big Dog Motorcycles and Grandeur.
Rob Carrillo, President of Powertye Manufacturing, says the new 6.5-foot-long, two-inch-wide Big Daddy Ratchet Tie-Down has 7,400 lb. test nylon webbing and comes with built-in soft-tye fabric, safety hooks, and a nine-inch-long genuine sheepskin sleeve. They are available in red, black and blue with black soft-tye sewn-in.
For more information on Powertye tie downs and other products, call 714/993-7400 or visit www.powertye.com.

California Customs, Phantom Choppers Partner
California Customs, Mountain View, Calif., and Phantom Choppers, Wasilla, Alaska, have formed a partnership to expand their presence in the kit bike market.
“California Customs has extensive experience in the 200 and 250 tire left side drive bikes while Phantom Choppers brings it’s expertise in the 250 and 300 right side drive bikes to the table,” said Joe Cree of California Customs. “Combining the model offerings of the two brands, we will have the most extensive line of truly custom designed kits bar none with over 20 models to choose from.”
Through the deal, all Unassembled Customs and Custom Motorcycles from California Customs will come with a Manufacturer’s Title in place of the standard MSO.
Each Unassembled Bike Kit is tailored to the individual customer’s needs. Cree told Powersports Business the Unassembled customs start at $15,999 and go up to about $22,000 for base models. Both Phantom Choppers and Pair O’ Dice Chopperz will handle distribution on the newly combined product lines.
The announcement comes shortly after the release of Phantom’s new Right Side Drive 300 Unassembled Custom platform. The newest platform compliments Phantom’s existing platform of the Right Side Drive 250 unassembled chopper.
A plan to expand dealer network is in the works, and Cree said four were recently added. “Our dealers must be a licensed brick and mortar shop, no cyber shops allowed. They also need to be a full time motorcycle shop, no part time shops. Those are our biggest requirements,” Cree said.
Interested retailers are asked to contact Jay at www.PhantomChoppers.com , 907/357-7433 or Joe Cree at www.CalCustom.com, 650/254-0963.

Hellbound Ramps Up
Hellbound Steel Motorcycles, Rancho Cucamonga, Calif., plans to unveil two new models at the Cincinnati Expo. Both of the models, the Heathen and the Fury II, will feature a single-side swingarm along with an S&S 117” motor, 280 rear tire, 6-speed transmission, open belt drive, digital speedo and billet parts. HBS will also introduce 2 new frames – a Softail and a hardtail – along with a complete selection of parts and accessories including their own line of exhaust pipes.
“Most companies that are making bikes only offer the big 117” motor as an option, but they come standard on our HBS bikes that sell for $29,000-$31,000,” said Hellbound President Mike Malloy said.
Hellbound recently expanded its facility in what Malloy says is an effort to double production. Currently, Hellbound Steel Motorcycles manufactures about 400 bikes a year. The plan for 2005 is to build 750 units of its six models.
“We have been experiencing a strong demand for our bikes and in order to get dealers their bikes in a timely manner, we made a major decision to acquire the necessary equipment and machines so that we can double our bike production almost over night and won’t have to worry about growing pains,” Malloy told Powersports Business.
Hellbound this year became the second custom bike manufacturer to pass Canada’s strict regulations and has started exporting into the country.
Hellbound will display at booth 699 F at the V-Twin Expo. U.S. and Canadian dealers interested in carrying Hellbound Steel Motorcycles or products are asked to call 909/944-7633 or visit www.hellboundsteel.com.

TP, More Than Engines
Founded by Tom Pirone, TP Engineering’s current product line-up includes complete engines, Pro-Vent rocker boxes, crankcases, oil pumps, flywheel assemblies, cylinder and forged piston kits, cylinder heads, valve train components, transmissions, transmission cases, a Quickshift Kit and transmission doors, cam covers and transmission end covers.
TP Engineering’s 23,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility in Bethel, Conn., includes administrative offices and manufacturing space, with separate areas for engine assembly, de-burring, dyno testing, research and development and inventory.
“People have this misconception that TP Engineering is just another motor company, and we’re really not,” Pirone recently told Powersports Business. “New for 2005, we’ve come out with an OEM air cleaner system that’ll fit all twin cam carbureted motors. It’s built with an integral velocity stack that’s part of the backing plate and it works real well.
“We also have the new Smart Pump, which is an Evo style oil pump, but filters the oil before it goes into the motor, like on a twin cam.
“If you put a twin cam oil filter on your Evo, and you go out highway speeds, you’re going to overfill your crankcase. That oil has to come out somewhere, so it’s going to come out the breather or out a gasket. I got tired of hearing about all of these troubles, so I decided to design an oil pump so that the pump will have the capacity to push the oil through the filter before it goes into the motor.
“We call it the Smart Pump because we think it would have been smarter if the correct pump were put on in the first place.”
While parts are a growing percentage of TP’s business, the company continues to move an increasing number of engines. Outfitted and delivered with a carburetor and ignition system, TP’s complete engines are available as 107 cu in., 113 cu in., 114 cu in., 116 cu in., 121 cu in., and the new 124 cu in., all available in natural, polished or black wrinkle finish.
The company offers a two-year unlimited mileage warranty on its 107, 107X, 113, 114, 121 cu. in. engines and transmission assemblies, and a one-year warranty on its 116, 124 cu. in. motors, and engine and transmission cases.

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