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Ness Motorcycles To Use Electronic IDs

Arlen Ness Motorcycles, based in Dublin, Calif., soon will be adding an identification number to each of its bikes that will be carried in tiny computer “dots.” The DataDots will be produced by MicroID Technologies. About the size of a grain of sand, each set of DataDots will be encrypted with a unique alphanumeric code using a micro-laser etching process. The DataDots are suspended in a specially formulated adhesive containing a UV trace and may be applied by either a unique spray or brush-on process.
Arlen Ness Motorcycles will use DataDot motorcycle kits that will attach DataDots to their custom bikes and provide traceable information that is invisible to the naked eye. Authorities then use a special magnifier to view the DataDots and trace property back to the rightful owner.
Based in Sonora, Calif., MicroID Technologies is the authorized distributor of DataDot Technology in California. DataDots deter theft, counterfeiting and product reproduction through their unique traceable coding and small undetectable size. Visit www.microidtech.com or call 209/532-0056 for more information.

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