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Interest in Suzuki Grows on CycleTrader.com

Officials at CycleTrader.com say the Suzuki brand has averaged the most growth on their Web site since January. Searches for Suzuki motorcycles at CycleTrader.com have grown a total of 53% since the beginning of the year, with average monthly searches for the brand totaling 383,000.
In January, 216,000 searches were performed. The number continued to increase substantially through March, when the number of searches more than doubled to over 458,000. 
These searches account for the brand’s 10.5% growth rate on CycleTrader.com.  The manufacturer with the next to largest growth rate is Kawasaki, averaging a 10% increase in number of searches with approximately 311,000 monthly searches.
Leading in consumer searches with an average 700,000 monthly, the Honda brand marked 8.6% growth; Yamaha searches grew 7.5%, averaging 470,000 each month; and Harley Davidson, at 339,000 monthly searches, grew 4.1%.

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