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Genuine Scooter Plans for Europe

Genuine Scooter Company of Chicago will introduce the Stella motor scooter to the European community with a display of scooters at Intermot, the international motorcycle show which runs Sept. 15-19 in Munich, Germany. The popular all-steel "vintage look" Stella has been approved in Europe and will be offered in both two-stroke 125 and 150cc models beginning in January of 2005. "We think we can develop a niche market for our traditional manual-shift scooter and be competitively priced, appealing to those older scooter buyers who love the tradition and character of our bikes," said Genuine representative and dealer Bob Hedstrom.
Available in four colors, the Stella (MSRP $2,899) comes with Bitubo gas shocks, Continental Zippy tires, a Grimeca disc brake, and a five-port reed valve motor catalyzed to meet Federal emissions standards in 49 states, California excluded.
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