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The best practical powersports advice of 2013

Neil Pascale, Columnist
March 28, 2014

Doing something different today. Removing the podium. Rearranging the chairs, so it’s less a traditional classroom format and more of a circle. So sit down. Relax. And no, you can’t have the remote. What have I picked out for us to watch? Call it the best of 2013, if you like. Today I’ll share... Read more »

Yearlong bike to work brought ice, snow, cold

Dave McMahon
March 26, 2014

Snowmobile dealers in some parts of the country are reporting their best sales season in more than a decade. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard “we’re out of new sleds” while talking to dealers over the past month or so. Some dealers who carried over a couple of dozen sleds from last... Read more »

What if we hired a ‘rainmaker?’

Brian Gallmeier, Columnist
March 24, 2014

With today’s sophisticated buyer, are you guaranteed to drive some great F&I numbers if you hire the best “rainmaker” you can find? What is it about the “rainmaker” that’s the differentiator? Can the F&I department (if there is one) perform without a full-time person? If a dealer... Read more »

Are you proactive, or reactive?

Sam Dantzler, Columnist
March 21, 2014

Only 3 percent of America rides our product, so you have a choice. You can wait for someone to walk in your door, or you can go get ’em. One scenario is built outward from what’s convenient for the dealer and the staff. The other is built inward from what’s convenient for the customer. Which do... Read more »

3 key factors to hiring great employees

Jason Breckenridge, Columnist
March 19, 2014

Editor’s note: Jason Breckenridge, owner of Twenty LLC, presented a dealer training session titled “Phone — Friend of Foe: Making the phone an effective sales tool” during the 2013 Powersports Business Institute @ AIMExpo in Orlando. Nearly 90 percent of the dealer attendees in the session ranked... Read more »

Profit. And cash.

Hal Ethington, Columnist
March 7, 2014

Your CPA is sitting across the desk from you. She just told you that you had a good year. You did $5 million in sales, and had a bottom line of $200,000. “That’s a 4 percent net profit,” she says, sitting back, waiting for your reaction. And what was it you said? Do you remember? I do. You said:... Read more »

Nifty 50 gets 2014 started on the right foot

Dave McMahon, Editor in Chief
March 5, 2014

It’s a new look for the Nifty 50, and it’s a new year that obviously has industry companies ready for big business in 2014. As most of you know, in the past we’ve presented the Nifty 50 in two editions leading up to the Indy show. Now that Indy is no longer in February, it was time for the well-nurtured... Read more »

Is your F&I ‘Power Rating’ on the rise?

Brian Gallmeier, Columnist
March 3, 2014

To your 40-something neighbors with a cabin and a couple driving teenagers, Power Ratings carry bragging rights, and anything over 40 would be a good score. Using 1 point per cylinder, that’s 8 for the SUV or pickup, 4 for the hybrid, 6 for the 1995 LeSabre, 4 for the 1999 Civic, 2 for the lawn mower... Read more »

Do you staff managers, or managers in name only?

Steve Jones, Columnist
February 28, 2014

Manager — mánn-ij-er (noun): Somebody who is responsible for directing and controlling the work and staff of a business, or of a department within it. MINO — my-know (acronym): Manager-in-name-only. Someone who has the title, but does not have the empowerment, responsibility or accountability of... Read more »

Employee development should be treated as a system

Stennis Prochnow, Contributing Writer
February 12, 2014

Editor’s note: The following Guest Column from Stennis Prochnow examines the dealership hiring process, a feat with which he became familiar as owner for 10 years of a multi-line dealership in Michigan. For years, while participating in 20 groups, I have had the opportunity to visit many dealerships... Read more »

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