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Up in smoke

By Chris Clovis

I was just sitting at a stoplight, minding my own business. My car (affectionately dubbed “The Batmobile”) idling with its spot-on impersonation of an offshore boat’s low burble. I was yakking away on Bluetooth with my Las Vegas staff when a familiar LED scowl appeared in my rearview. It was the intimidating smirk of a certain tungsten-colored Stingray. As it ...

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DAKO’s fuel for thought

By David Koshollek

Ride Well — Be Profitable, four words that guide my actions; as an instructor, a writer, a consultant, a friend, a husband ... even as a motorcycle mechanic back in the 70s and 80s. I didn't use those words in that order back then, but I was operating in that manner. I remember simply wanting to accomplish three objectives as ...

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Are a few dollars worth customer satisfaction and loyalty?

By Liz Keener

There’s no hiding that I am a diehard Minnesota Vikings fan. So it was no surprise when my Secret Santa/sister-in-law bought me an OYO Sports Endzone Set for Christmas. I was ecstatic! Within days I was assembling the building brick kit at home. However, one of the bricks had a minifigure’s arm stuck inside of it. Try as I might ...

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I can’t get no satisfaction

By Jackson Smith

Like the old Rolling Stones song says “and I try and I try and I try”… Powersports customers should be easy to satisfy! Most are enthusiastic and they are excited and motivated to spend money on their “toys.” However, a recent JD Powers survey showed that 21 percent of powersports customers are not feeling satisfied. If you think that doesn’t ...

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Tapping into disposable income

By Glenice Wilder

There have been several news items lately announcing new lenders entering the powersports market, and existing lenders charting notable profits. The trend has been unfolding for about a year. In fact, there was a packed house at the 2015 Powersports Finance conference, with lenders hearing lots of good news. One institution already servicing the powersports market — America’s First Federal ...

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Get people to ride and the rest takes care of itself

By Gary Gustafson

It’s your job to get people to ride more. When people ride more they buy new vehicles, fill service bays, and add accessories to improve their experience. They make shared memories with friends and family. When people ride more everyone benefits from hotels in small towns to assembly line workers at OEMs. Mudders, Ditch bangers and Bikers tend to be ...

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Business administration: So important, yet so overlooked

By Bruce Marcia

I’ve worked 16 years within the inventory finance industry in various capacities and 12 years for a major OEM as a district manager. I’ve had my share of being involved with repossessions, receiverships and weak dealerships that just can’t seem to get ahead of the issues they are facing. On reflection, those situations remind me that there was a common ...

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Smile — your best store makeover

By Jennifer Robison

I am often asked what the best practices are in regards to in store merchandising. That always drives me a bit crazy because there is no magic pill of "do these 10 things and you will win, win, win." It takes a combo of things; I know we all want the easiest thing you can do. I can happily provide a list ...

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What don’t we know?

By Napoleon Tetreault

If you are reading this blog, or any in this publication for that matter, chances are that you care about your business and want to see it grow. Chances are that you want to be the best employee, manager or owner operator that you can be. Chances are that you are the proactive type, who realizes you don’t have all ...

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Is your dealership data secure?

By Forrest Flinn

Just in the past few weeks the Internal Revenue Service announced hat over 700,000 more tax return accounts were just hacked exposing sensitive data and tax return information. What is even more interesting is that the IRS system that was hacked was designed and put into place to prevent hacking into the system in the first place! Every month we ...

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