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Quit looking at your phone at shows!

Liz Keener, Managing Editor — Powersports Business
January 27, 2016

After learning that a few local powersports dealers would be at the Minneapolis Boat Show displaying their PWC and boat lines this past weekend, Dave and I thought it would be prudent for us to stop by, see the displays and say hi to the local powersports crowd. As we wandered the show, checking out... Read more »

Dealers take ownership of Power 50 program

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Liz Keener, Managing Editor — Powersports Business
October 29, 2015

Going into this year’s Power 50 dinner, we at Powersports Business were already excited. Not only had we received twice as many applications as we did last year, but more winners also RSVPed for the dinner, meaning we’d have a room full of the top dealers in North America. But as AIMExpo week began,... Read more »

5 Things I’m looking forward to at AIMExpo

Kate Swanson, Assistant Editor, Powersports Business Magazine
October 5, 2015

1 week, 0 days and 16 hours until I leave for this year’s AIMExpo. I’ve been slowly watching the countdown app on my iPhone since it was at 25 weeks, so to say I’m excited is a bit of an understatement. Why? Here are my top five reasons to head to Orlando in a few short days. 1. The PSBI@AIMExpo... Read more »

PSBI@AIMExpo sessions: How to choose which ones to attend

Liz Keener, Managing Editor — Powersports Business
September 29, 2015

If you’ve ever been to the Powersports Business Institute @ AIMExpo, you know one of the hardest things to do is choose which sessions to attend. And if you’ve never attended the PSBI@AIMExpo, you’re in for a treat because for the third year in a row we’ve gathered the top speakers in our industry... Read more »

Sturgis shows the motorcycle industry is alive and well

Liz Keener, Managing Editor — Powersports Business
August 27, 2015

Walking through the streets of Sturgis three short weeks ago, I was blown away. Having never been to the rally, I had made every attempt to mentally prepare for the number of motorcycles and people I’d see in the normally sleepy city of 6,627 people. However, I had no idea how many motorcycles I would... Read more »

Slow ride, taking it easy

Kate Swanson, Assistant Editor — Powersports Business
August 19, 2015

A few weekends ago I had the opportunity to cross another industry “first” off my growing list — riding my first PWC. I’ve written about PWCs in the past, like this article on Yamaha’s RiDE dual throttle system, but my knowledge consisted of interviews and reading up on other riders’ experiences. I’ve... Read more »

Follow me to Sturgis

Liz Keener, Managing Editor — Powersports Business
July 2, 2015

It’s my turn to write a blog for PSB, but my mind is on one thing this week — Sturgis. I recently found out that I’ll be representing PSB at the 75th anniversary of the rally, and I couldn’t be more excited. This will be my first trip to the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally. Granted, I’ve been to the... Read more »

Social media: Reaching new audiences

Kate Swanson, Assistant Editor — Powersports Business
June 11, 2015

In February, managing editor Liz Keener wrote a blog post on encouraging younger generations to ride. It’s important for the powersports industry to expand and cater to individual customer’s needs. A 22-year-old will approach buying a new motorcycle from a different standpoint than a 42-year-old.... Read more »

Are bikini bike washes limiting your customer base?

Liz Keener, Managing Editor — Powersports Business
April 15, 2015

I often look at dealership e-newsletters and think, “I can’t be the only one.” There’s no way I’m the only female receiving this e-newsletter who’s not excited about the upcoming bikini bike wash. Sure, most of your customers are probably men, many of whom may be amped up about the bikini... Read more »

Increase add-on sales with package deals

Liz Keener, Managing Editor — Powersports Business
April 1, 2015

My husband and I wandered into a furniture store yesterday, and a salesman met us near the door to ask if we were looking for anything in particular and to inform us about the current promotions and specials. One such sale the store had was on its complete sets. Many furniture stores are well known for... Read more »

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